What Are The Prices For Walmart Party Platters?

Walmart is a place where people can find literally everything. And one should know that Walmart stores always put low prices on their goods and services. So, this is mainly the reason why people love going there and purchasing stuff they are selling.

If you did not know, Walmart is offering a wide range of party platters. Yes, they have a full deli service called Walmart Deli, and you can buy there some delicious food. That is super convenient in case you are throwing a party for a big number of guests. So, what are Walmart party platters prices and what do they offer?

Walmart Deli offers lots of different trays which will suit almost all tastes. Below you can find prices for some of these trays offered at Walmart location:

  • Flavored Wings Tray Medium 16" $32.00
  • Flavored Wings Tray Large 18" $38.00
  • Chicken Trio Tray Medium 16" $28.00
  • Chicken Trio Tray Large 18" $44.00
  • Kids Party Tray Medium 16" $24.00
  • Cheese Taster Tray Medium 16" $34.00
  • Cheese Taster Tray Large 18" $48.00
  • Veggie Tray Medium 16" $34.00
  • Veggie Tray Large 18" $48.00
  • Shrimp Cocktail Tray Medium 16" $48.00
  • Snack Tray Medium 16" $34.00
  • Snack Tray Large 18" $48.00

As you can see, Walmart has quite an extensive list of party trays to offer, and there is plenty to choose from. It doesnÓ´ matter whether your party is small or big, you will be able to find party trays that will bring good mood to your party.

It is also easy to order food from Walmart Deli since any Deli department at Walmart has order forms. All you would have to do is to write requested information (such as name, address, phone number, etc.) down and indicate a pick-up date. And thatÓł it after that deli department staff will take care of things.